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7 days to boost your self-worth and fall in love with your authentic self.

How much
is your happiness

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Think about it this way…

The only person who will live your life is YOU.

Which not only means you have the innate ability to make yourself happy — it also means you’re the only one responsible for how you experience life.

Self-love is the master of all love: when you love yourself, you’ll understand how to fill your own cup so much that you’ll create the overflow to give to others!

Lacking self-love can feel draining because you’re constantly ignoring your own needs. You consistently go over your boundaries for the sake of others and it can become frustrating, tiring, and even lead to resentment.

But when you love yourself...

You’re finally free to show up as your authentic self.
  • You become comfortable in your own skin and with your own voice
  • You experience beautiful levels of happiness and motivation
  • You become your most resilient self
  • Your self-confidence skyrockets — you are clear on who you are and you love being yourself
  • Your physical and mental health improve drastically
  • You’re in a better place to willingly give to others

I’m offering you the chance to achieve all of this
in just 7 DAYS at your own pace.
It’s a week-long commitment to reap lifelong rewards.

But there’s a catch.

The self-love challenge is not just for anyone.

As much as I’d love this to simply be a ‘plug and play’ challenge where things will magically happen for you, that’s not how self-love works.

You need to be willing to finally put yourself FIRST.

You need to be committed to doing this for yourself because you know that you deserve it.

Otherwise, this challenge won’t work.

If you’re ready to say ‘yes’ to yourself for just 7 days…

What's included in the Self-Love Challenge

Daily email with your Exercise Of The Day
Printable materials to create your own workbook as you progress with the challenge
Facebook group to share your daily progress with other like-minded women who are on the self-love journey!
My support via email throughout the whole challenge
Self-love diploma to keep yourself motivated and on the self-love train

‘In a world that profits from your self-doubt,
loving yourself is a revolutionary act.’

– Murray Newlands

It seems like we’re always expected to aspire to something MORE than what we have. Hustle culture, impossible beauty standards, and the growth of social media have left us feeling inadequate as we are.

Companies use these feelings of not-enoughness to sell us magical ‘solutions’ to change ourselves. The less you love yourself, the more they can profit from you.

But the real solution to those feelings already exists within us. You are NOT meant to change who you are to match an image that others have created of what happiness looks like.

Loving yourself is today more important than ever — so you can be your authentic self, unapologetically.

Before this challenge, the only way to access these materials was through 1:1 coaching with me.
Now, you get to learn at your own pace from the techniques that have helped me and dozens of women fall in love with themselves!

Ready to show up in this world as the person you were always meant to be?

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