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I’m Catherine, a health coach, life coach, and cancer coach on a mission to empower women to take the wheel of their own lives.

After overcoming cancer myself a decade ago, I decided to help women use their challenges as a springboard for a better life, just like I did.

Cancer transformed my life: it forced me to look at what truly mattered to me and make the necessary changes to live the life of my dreams.
Now, I not only coach cancer patients – I support women worldwide so they can live their passions, discover self-love, gain control over their immunity, and yes, overcome cancer!

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Let me be your guide to transforming your life.

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It’s time to put yourself first, nurture yourself like you do others, and love yourself like you deserve.

With 1:1 coaching or self-love group retreats, I’ll help you heal your relationship with yourself so you can take the wheel of your life.

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Immunity & Nutrition Coaching Background


As a food science engineer and health coach, I have been helping women change their relationship with food for over a decade so they can lead healthier lives and avoid sickness.

Work with me 1:1 or sign up for my courses to learn how to boost your immunity in a natural way.

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Living your passions is the key to a happy, fulfilled, purposeful life. But being clear on what your passions are and how to pursue them isn’t easy.

Through workshops, courses, or 1:1 coaching, I will help you find the direction you need to change your life.

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What if everything you needed to stay healthy & happy was at your fingertips?

the 5 keys to

Implementing the 5 practices have an immediate impact on how you cope with your health challenges and reveal strategies to avoid them altogether.
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